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Who Should Fund The Boomer’s Retirement?

So, my Mom met with her accountant last week. She is getting a life insurance policy to cover her business partner’s expenses if something were to happen. Her accountant suggested putting a Long Term Care Insurance rider on the life insurance policy.

Great idea, right?

Yes, the Long Term Care rider might be a great idea. The costs of Long Term Care are an expense that most retirees have not planned for and not having long term care insurance can completely devastate your finances. Please review information on the need for long term care insurance here

http://www.newretirement.com/Planning101/Serious_Medical_Crisis.aspx .

But, here comes the shocking part of the recommendation: The accountant suggested that that my mother ask my brother and I (her children) to fund the monthly premium on the rider since we would end up paying for Long Term Care expenses if she hadn’t taken care of them herself.

Indeed, Long Term Care insurance payments are likely less expensive than the ultimate cost of Long Term Care, but why should we, her children, pay for either. We would of course fund her needs — or make arrangements for her to move in with us — if necessary, but why is the general population and a financial expert recommending that it is indeed our responsibility to fund these things?

Social Security, Medicare, Long Term Care Insurance and More — Who Should Pay for It All? Boomers? Children of Boomers? Grandchildren of Boomers?

We children of boomers are already going to have to fund Social Security and Medicare. The baby boomers are retiring with these programs being unfunded. We will be paying our taxes to fund our parents (and grandparents) retirement.

What’s worse, the under- or un-funding of these programs is not even factored into the known and mounting deficit that we are inheriting.

We children of Boomers have an incredible financial burden to bear.

Retiring Boomers Should Consider Who Should Fund These Costs

Please boomers and those advising boomers, please think about the sanity of putting these costs on your children and grandchildren. Is this what you want your legacy to be?

Retirement should be earned. Barring severe health issues, there is no logical reason to retire before you have saved enough money to cover your costs.

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